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2017 HYBRID Jobs in Finance & IT

With the rebounding economy and the changing landscape, organizations continue to grow -- so does the need for additional finance talent. While there remains an increased demand for the core finance and accounting skills, LinkedIn reveals data that shows how technology is altering the face of hiring in the financial industry. Why is technology causing such a shift in the finance industry? The finance industry continues to see explosive growth of financial technology -- not surprisingly, it's creating a need for hybrid employees.

IT Skills, Finance Skills October 06, 2016

Top Finance & IT Skills Employers Want

It’s no secret that our society’s technological advancements have rapidly changed the way we do business, especially within the financial and information technology fields. Companies all across the U.S. are creating new positions to keep up with the emerging financial & IT trends, and they need technical talent with modern skill sets to fill them successfully. So what are the top IT & financial skillets that companies are looking for right now? Read the articles below to find out!