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With over 15 years of experience in Lab & Scientific Search and Staffing, Sarah consults with candidates and clients to make great connections happen. In her role as the Director of Recruiting she has consistently provided top-tier talent for contract and permanent hiring needs. Following are Sarah's insights on the recruiting landscape.

What drew you into recruiting? 

Recruiting gives me the kind of challenge that keeps me engaged and growing as a professional. I love to solve problems and take pride in having the patience and energy to solve our candidates and clients’ toughest issues. When a client comes to Messina Group with a difficult role to fill, I feel confident I can help them. I will put everything into finding not only the most technically qualified candidate, but a candidate who will be an overall match with the company’s culture and strategic goals.

And there’s one other thing – I’m a competitor and motivated to be the best. Recruiting challenges me and gives me the opportunity to ‘rise above’ for my clients and candidates on a daily basis.

What qualities do you respect in a company? 

I appreciate companies that create opportunities for growth to establish and maintain an employee’s interest. Employees do not want to hear that there is nowhere to expand their skills or move up within an organization. Growth opportunities are not only important, but essential for a company to draw in talent and maintain their edge on the competition.

Secondly, I respect when a company can acknowledge opportunities for change as well as areas they need help. Without being able to do recognize this, it is difficult for them to know what they need from us and what they will require from a candidate we recommend to them. We encourage our clients to have that up-front communication with us. It helps us make great matches and gets the employee and employer relationship off to a great start.

What tools do you think recruiters need?

Although the tools we have are invaluable, the most important tools aren’t technical in nature. Success often demands something more holistic—an approach more nuanced than simply plugging numbers into an algorithm. It is important to always remember we are dealing with people and this profession demands just as much creativity as it does experience and pragmatism. Recruiters that are most successful have determination, self-established goals and most importantly, a high level of patience.

If you think about it, when we are filling long-term, high-level positions, our work can change the direction of a person’s life. Recruiters need to understand the responsibility of recognizing candidates and clients as more than a number or business opportunity; they are human communities who deserve respect and our best effort to make a connection good for both sides. Understanding and remembering this, in my opinion, is key to succeeding as a recruiter.

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Beverly Ingle

Beverly Ingle

Bev Ingle is the Director of Marketing for Messina Group. She has spent her career in Management, Marketing, Sales and Operations. Bev currently works for the Messina Staffing and Consulting Divisions, which includes Messina’s Engineering, Architecture, Laboratory, IT, Marketing and Financial Specializations. She has her MS in Adult Learning & Organizational Change from Northwestern University and a BS in Business & Marketing from Bowling Green State University.

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