Job Fair Tips: How to Get Noticed and Remembered

By Jenni McBride on September 06, 2017 RecruitingJob Fairs
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With your future just around the corner, putting your best foot forward with recruiters at your next job fair is imperative. Job fairs can be stressful as you stand in endless lines among your competition, waiting to make a lasting impression on a recruiter.

Whether you think you’re almost ready to tackle this next event or you’re finding yourself questioning even the basics of the business world, we’ve got you covered with this quick guide to nailing your next job fair. 

Be Your Best Self

Getting enough sleep during the nights leading up to the event is crucial to ensure a sharp mind during the job fair. It might sound crazy but guarantee that your hygiene is up to par: shower, have minty fresh breath and combed hair. In addition to taking care of your personal hygiene, take the time to make sure your outfit is looking just as sharp. This means taking your suit out of the closet more than an hour before the job fair to inspect and press it if necessary. When combined, these basics will help you make a lasting impression on a recruiter before you even begin to converse.

Elevate That Elevator Pitch

So, you look the part, now what are you going to say? A quick elevator pitch is the best thing to have in your back pocket. Follow these tips to craft your perfect pitch before you hit the booth lines.   

Prepare Yourself

Walking into a job fair can be a little overwhelming, but feeling prepared always helps to calm the nerves. Familiarizing yourself with the list of companies that will be there and their booth locations is a great way to do this. Next you should identify and research a few companies with which you know you want to connect. This will help you avoid missing a potential booth or asking a question about the big company you’re interested in that could easily be found on their website. In addition, you should arrive with enough resumes to pass out to the recruiters. These resumes should be recently reviewed to ensure there are no errors, but as importantly to refresh your memory on your top accomplishments in case you are asked questions.

After the Storm

Post career fair you should also be taking steps to keep your good image fresh in recruiters’ minds. A follow up email with your information shows initiative and continued interest in the companies you made contact with. In this digital age, connecting with the recruiter on LinkedIn is not a bad move either if you want to build connections with that company in the future.  

A first impression is very important, especially when it is with someone who could aid you in your future career. Using these steps and resources will help to set you apart from your competition and make a lasting impression on the people you speak with at your next job fair.

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Jenni McBride

Jenni McBride

Jenni McBride has been a recruiter with Messina Group since 2013. She focuses on finding candidates for scientific positions, as well as marketing, customer service and administrative roles.

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