5 Resume Myths Debunked

By Sarah Benz on November 06, 2015

myths about resumes

Resume styles go through cycles based on the stage of your career. Below are five resume myths and how to best present your skills.

With online professional social media sites like LinkedIn, resumes are no longer necessary

Resumes are still a requirement. LinkedIn may connect you with a recruiter, but they will want you to send your resume. Plus, when you go into an interview, the first thing an employer will ask for is your resume if they do not already have a copy.

An objective is outdated

Not necessarily. The objective is generally the first thing recruiters read. They want to know if your skills and career goals align with the job they are looking to fill. The objective acts as an introduction which will keep the recruiter reading if they like what they see.

Write in first person

When recruiters see “I” in the objective and/or bullets they perceive the candidate to have a lower education level. Your resume should be written as statements. These are facts, treat them as such.

Fancy formatting will get attention

It will get you attention, but not positive attention. Recruiters prefer to read resumes that start with an objective and then a chronological list of employers and achievements, and end with education and certifications. A signature font or color will work against you as it may seem childish to the recruiter. It can also make the resume hard to read. Following a standard format is a best practice.

 One caveat, if you are in graphic design or the arts, you have more leeway to showcase your style.

Resumes must be loaded with keywords

Keywords are important, however, your resume should be readable. If a recruiter sees keywords used more than twice, they will doubt your sincerity. Having separate versions of your resume for different positions will allow you to tailor your skills to the position that interests you without being keyword heavy.

When searching for a new job, an up-to-date resume is vital. Have more than two people proofread it and provide feedback. A resume that showcases your skills, ability and education is your calling card when it comes to finding a new employer.

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Sarah Benz

Sarah Benz

Sarah Benz is a director of recruiting for the Messina Group. With nearly a decade of experience in enterprise staffing, Sarah is dedicated to partnering with Messina’s clients to locate the ideal candidates for each company’s customized needs. Sarah has worked extensively with the engineering and scientific industries and intimately understands the technical and interpersonal skills those companies are looking for. Before beginning her recruiting career, Sarah served as the marketing coordinator for Messina. Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering and playing and coaching sports.

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